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The objective of the KISEAS (Korean Institute of Southeast Asian Studies) is to contribute in stimulating Southeast Asian studies, evaluating and developing policies in regard to foreign relations and economic cooperation between Korea and Southeast Asia, and enhancing public education about the Southeast Asian region. Specifically, the KISEAS carries out the following projects.

1. Researches on political, economic, social and cultural issues
2. Data-base building about Southeast Asia
3. Evaluation and recommendation of policies in regard to foreign relations, economic cooperation, trade and cultural exchanges between Korea and Southeast Asia
4. Promotion of exchange programs for academicians and non-government activists in the region
5. Training of Southeast Asian area specialists

[14-03-18 ]   The 20th ASEAN Forum was held
[13-05-02 ]   The 19th ASEAN Forum was held
[13-01-08 ]   The 18th ASEAN Forum was held
[11-06-14 ]   The 16th ASEAN Forum

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